The Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation Limited (WCC Charitable Foundation) is a Charitable Institution, approved by the Inland Revenue Department, established by Mr. Richard Wong Chung Tak.

The charity actively participates and sponsors charity projects across various fields, which includes supporting educational development in Hong Kong and Mainland China, sponsoring medical and other innovative technological research. The source of donation of the WCC Charitable Foundation has always been originated from the family’s own contributions. The scope of charitable spending and the ongoing fund operation is managed by the Board of Directors of the charity.

Over HKD$10 million has been donated to support various charity projects since the establishment of the WCC Charitable Foundation. We will continue to support those in need in the society, to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Contributing to the society is one of our fundamental beliefs and we are committed to deliver our corporate social responsibilities through our wide range of charity projects. With the aims to expand the scope of voluntary work and contribute to the community using the Group's resources, The WCC Charitable Foundation marks a milestone of the Group's caring heritage.

The Late Mr. Wong Chak Chui - Founder of Thing On Holdings Limited
Mr. Wong Chak Chui's Story

The late Mr. Wong Chak Chui was born in June, 1929, in TangTouCun village (塘頭村) located in Shihi (石獅鎮), a city in the southern Fujian (福建) province.

In 1957, Mr. Wong Chak Chui decided to move to Hong Kong at the age of 28. He endured years of hardship; but he persisted and was determined to stay in Hong Kong to develop his career. After a few decades, his efforts finally paid off and his business grew considerably, establishing a strong foundation in Hong Kong.

Most of the Hong Kong entrepreneurs from Fujian are patriots who share deep love for their home and their country. Mr. Wong Chak Chui was also amongst the group of passionate patriots who had been making generous donations to support cultural and educational development projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China. These charity projects had benefited numerous communities and their success were only made possible through Mr. Wong Chak Chui’s continuous generosity. In the spirit of Mr. Wong Chak Chui’s philanthropy, Mr. Richard Wong Chung Tak established The Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation to continue the proactive support for future community and social needs.

The following are some of the past charity projects sponsored by the Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation Limited (constantly updated):

Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation continues to support the fight against COVID-19.  We donated hand sanitizer to various institutions, including Narcotic Division of the Security Bureau, the Regeneration Society, the Chinese University Faculty of Medicine and Music Children Foundation.

News Coverage : 同心抗疫 捐贈酒精消毒搓手液

Under the continuous effect from the Novel Coronavirus, a shortage of protective face mask in Hong Kong has become apparent. Throughout this difficult period, Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation has managed to source some protective face masks from various overseas retailers, with an aim to donate these to the people most in need. With Regeneration Society’s support, the first batch of masks were successfully distributed to over 800 elderly people aged 65 or above on 12th February 2020.   Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation is working tirelessly to source more protective medical products through different channels. We wish to donate these to more people in Hong Kong who are in need, and with this effort, we hope to lessen the burden that has been brought on by this disease. In the future, Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation will continue to monitor the development of the Novel Coronavirus, and give its full support in fighting this disease.

News Coverage : 慈善機構派口罩 天未光排隊長者獲籌開心過中獎

The Directors and representatives of Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation met with the Principals, Teachers and scholarship recipients at the campus of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 2 November 2018. During the gathering, the awardees shared their interesting learning experiences and stories. In the 2017/2018 academic year, 36 eligible students were awarded the Wong Chak Chui International Enrichment Scholarship or Wong Chak Chui One-Belt-One Road Enrichment Scholarship. We would like to congratulate the students for their academic achievements and wish them all the best.

Donation to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to boost its education and research development, and to set up the Wong Chak Chui International Enrichment Scholarship which supports financially needy students of the School of Business and Management to participate in overseas enrichment programs.The Foundation also pledged its support to HKUST in hosting the 2016 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Hong Kong.

News Coverage: HKUST Receives Donations from Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation to Boost Education and Research Development

Donation of HKD$10million to University of Hong Kong, Department of Medicine to setup the Wong Chak Chui Stem Cell Research Centre, supporting the development in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

News Coverage : 醫學院獲千萬捐款 研活化技術 港大培植萬能幹細胞

Donation of HKD$5.9million to Chinese University of Hong Kong, in partnership with the Vascular & Interventional Radiology Foundation, to promote high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy.

Official Website : Vascular & Interventional Radiology Foundation

Donation of HKD$100,000 to “Project Hope” in Youngshun county (永順縣), in Hunan province (湖南省), China

News Coverage: 香港王則翠基金會資助永順千余貧困學子

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